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RWFM work in partnership with your business to assess your current environment, analyse challenges you are experiencing, and establish goals you want to achieve.


Safeguarding & Technology in and around the classroom can be so much more and so much better than the stereotypical mobile phone going off in the middle of class. Technology can actually be a major tool, both in terms of pedagogical resources and in terms of connecting with the younger generations. E-safety and recording and reporting detailed performance data, to staff sharing content and collaborating with students, schools are increasingly reliant on computers and connectivity. Like all organisations making greater use of technology and the internet…

Our Solutions

RWFM adapts to the needs of your business using a skilled team of Technology Advisors with over 30 years experience in Facilities Management. RWFM’s multi-faceted consultants and partners are able to instruct across the full range of disruptive technology solutions; providing a full end to end service. We prioritise best facilities management practice and offer a people, process and technology approach.

Our solution is a holistic view of your current environment; collaborating with our partners and consultants to create a technology roadmap informed by a wealth of facilities management experience. Through our transparent approach, we constantly strive to offer innovative facilities management solutions bespoke to the culture of your organisation.

Technology Management

Once your technology has been implemented within your business and is fully operational, RWFM offer a range of services to manage your new systems.

Partner Support

Once your technology has been implemented within your business and is fully operational, RWFM offer a range of services to manage your new systems.


RWFM prides itself on a strong service-led culture that places customers at the heart of our business, delivering the right solution at a competitive price. RWFM is a Facilities Management Consultancy provider that deliver cost-effective and sustainable bespoke solutions by using our four main pillars of success: – Workplace Wellbeing, Space Management, Integration & Sustainability. RWFM focus on disruptive technologies and have experience in the construction sector consulting, implementing and solving business critical challenges.


The recruitment industry has never been shy about embracing innovation: the internet arrived, and online job boards followed soon after; LinkedIn launched in 2003, and was almost immediately swarmed by eager consultants; and CRM systems, as we can attest, have been popular for as long as they’ve been available to use. With new developments in data analytics, AI and machine learning, marketing technology, social media and more, the industry now benefits from a hugely diverse ecosystem of technology…

Project Management

Understanding the lifecycle of your project is crucial. We provide advice in all stages, from initial design with architects to filling the gaps during operation, to ensure maintenance is straight-forward and efficient.

Technical Guidance

As we undergo this journey with you, we provide technical support from conceptualisation to implementation. You will be fully guided along the process by our consultants and partners to understand each system and its operations.


Sustainable strategies have been a major driver of the rollout of smart technology. By providing more efficient controls over energy usage, it can deliver significant reductions in energy consumption. Smart technology is increasingly recognised as having an important role to play in promoting health and wellbeing. It can help to create environments that support an alert, energised workforce. Smart technology is providing occupiers with a better understanding of who uses the office at any given time, how they work and with whom they collaborate.

Industrial Technology

Technology in industry has never been so important. Some people are suggesting that the Industry has nosedived as the clock runs down, others say not. The technology in the industry contains some really exciting innovative areas such as; Robotics, Batteries & power supplies, Brakes, clutches and couplings, Drives, motors and control systems, motors, sensors and systems.

Solution Performance

Ensuring your solutions continue to perform at full efficiency is a priority. From auditing to monitoring, RWFM can provide insight, analysis and reporting on all of the solutions provided to establish longevity and effectivity.

Expert Knowledge

Our partners and consultants have a vast depth of knowledge and skill sets within facilities management that is delivered in a transparent, cost effective manner. From preventive and predictive maintenance, to energy monitoring, auditing and project works.

Real Estate

PropTech is a highly innovative area, however the shortfalls are apparent wherever we look. Adoption of each solution can be a lengthy process and often full of potential mistakes. RWFM focuses on utilising your company’s data to build an accurate picture of the building you are looking to purchase, or add to a portfolio in a bespoke and cost-effective way.


There are a multitude of technologies in operation within the finance sector, creating a daunting feeling as to which one is right for your business. RWFM are able to offer guidance at every stage, whether you’re a hedge fund, bank or related industry provider.

Passionate Service

After over 30 years in facilities management, we are able to share our expertise and passion for technical, infrastructure and digital consulting with your business. Ensuring you receive service that is energised, consistent and focused to instil within your company and workforce.

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