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RWFM want to make your brand come to life. Over the past 30+ years our expert staff have been producing quality, reliable and trusted solutions to multiple verticals. Audience engagement is at the heart of everything we do and have now taken digital SMART solutions to the next level.

How do your customers perceive you today and through what eyes will they see your brand of tomorrow? Our bespoke solutions cover everything from creating content wireframes to the analysis of data. Whether you require a manifestation of glass or you want a full-blown digital transformation that can interact with your customers, we have the full in-house range of capabilities.


Our consultative approach helps identify the granular detail of your requirement, whether you require a brand-new identity or already have an existing brand. Our best in class graphical designers will sit with you to create a vision that reflects your culture. From drawings, to concepts and full life 360 creation, our bespoke offerings will tackle any project.


Traditional signage solutions are immersed in an extremely fast-moving environment, understanding and utilizing the very best and latest manufacturing technology. All processes are driven by a strict Quality Assurance Criteria, enabling the fabrication department to deliver the very best in class. Time, care and precision by our acrylic team provides high-end craft work, producing all forms of letters, shapes and sizes. Vinyl is the essence of manufacturing; it helps bring to life the very graphical nature of substance. We will communicate with you at each point of the project to demonstrate and ensure our visions are aligned.


Accreditations and certifications are at the core of what we do, we can provide and demonstrate all documentation upon request, such as health & Safety, IPAF, PASMA and CSCS training. Our solutions have you the customer in mind, with training provided and regularly monitored to all staff on and off-site. Last-minute alterations or suggestions can be considered and acted upon in real-time, making us a flexible solution provider.


Quality of product allows maintenance costs to be at a minimum. We have a pro-active approach that ensures value for money, this is achieved by multiple factors, one of which is scheduling quarterly site visits at no extra charge. This can obviously be down to the discretion of the customer, whatever works for you and your budget.

Interactive digital signage

Getting the message across is difficult until interactive digital signage.

Do you want greater engagement and attraction to your audience? Powerful, colourful animation can captivate the imagination on a whole new level. Being able to measure the data is key to knowing what is successful and what is not, are you using this today?

There is a multitude of applications, so how do you know which one is right for you? Does it integrate with your existing systems, will it exchange data in the correct format, so many questions? Whether it is for wayfinding or creating a fun environment, we will sit down with you and create a set of wireframes to work from and have your input at every stage. Why not use the solution in a multitude of ways, such as welcoming guests, then providing additional information as well as a potential offer?

Achieve the best in class

From digital kiosks to menu boards, directory displays, interactive projection and mobile marketing, we have a solution that works for you. Our policy is simple, one size doesn’t fit all and we will work closely with you and your team to achieve the best in class.

Increasing engagement is the main objective externally but have you considered the internal requirement? We can help you on your journey.

Your brand, your voice, your customers

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