How much time have you wasted trying to find the right building, parking spot and entrance when visiting a client for a meeting? Without the proper visitor and security checks in place, the entire process is frustrating and unenjoyable. Important business meetings require your full attention and best behaviour; a difficulty when you have spent time waiting around for instructions from your host.

Who are Proxyclick

Proxyclick take the stress out of business meetings. With automation in place, Proxyclick erases manual process that waste your time. Prioritising the user experience, you can replace outdated systems and documents with digitised systems. Using the latest technology, Proxyclick secure your premises, ensures you are compliant with the requirements and automates administrative tasks. The smooth process ensures your visitors experience a seamless journey that leaves a lasting impression to be proud of.

RWFM & Proxyclick

Proxyclick is one of the best visitor management solutions on the market. The capabilities and work ethic of the team is to be envied. The company turns complex issues into manageable solutions that are easy and cost-effective.

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