Whether you’re in manufacturing or engineering, you’re likely to have hundreds of keys under your responsibility. With team members coming and going throughout the day, it’s easy to lose track of your keys’ whereabouts. If just one key goes missing, it can cost your business thousands of pounds if any equipment is unsecured or locks have to be changed. It’s important to manage this risk to avoid unnecessary costs to your business.

Who are Keyzapp

Keyzapp provides an instant key-tracking solution that saves you time and money. Going completely paperless, you will take back hours of administrative hassle and stay on top of your key-management. Using smart fob technology, you can easily locate all keys at once. The automated reminders ensure your team return keys in their possession on time. You are alerted when process isn’t followed and can take instant action.

RWFM & Keyzapp

We discovered Keyzapp after searching for a client requirement. The brand stood out to us; their key management solution is simple and fast. Their straight-forward approach doesn’t over complicate the issue and provides an affordable and comprehensive app. So you can find your property keys quickly and easily.

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