Security in schools is the utmost priority. Children must be protected at all times to ensure they can attend school with the peace of mind that they will be safe. Ensuring your site is only accessible for those with permission to enter is a difficulty when you cannot close school grounds. Implementing a safeguarding and visitor management system that ensures your environment is secure from unwanted guests is a necessity.

Who are InVentry

InVentry are the number one sign-in and visitor management system for education. Trusted by over 6,000 schools, InVentry safeguard your school environment completely. Their advanced technological systems ensure you gain quick and detailed visitor information upon sign-in. Using the audit and compliance feature, you can manage your infrastructure cost-effectively and efficiently. Digital registration systems ensure every child and staff member is accounted for at all times.

RWFM & InVentry

InVentry are the number one visitor management system for education. InVentry’s solution is used by over 6000 schools to safeguard the school environment. Our clients consistently want to integrate with SIMS in schools and InVentry provides this solution.

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