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Having trails of paper, spreadsheets and documents around your office can be unbearable. As well as the cost to your business, paper has a huge environmental impact that should be reduced. Data protection is also an issue; with documents lying around it is easy for sensitive information to be seen by people it shouldn’t be. Having a system that removes your paper trail and secures your documents reduces the administrative burden felt by your team.

Who are Hershey Software

Hershey Software are a cloud-based document management solution that gives you full control of your paper and digital documents. Using security policies, you can ensure that you are compliant with GDPR and privacy legislation. Keeping staff and client data under protection for the legal amount of time it is allowed in your possession. With Hershey Software, you can customise documents with your branding, integrate with other applications and access at all times from any browser.

RWFM & Hershey Software

Hershey Software is document management made easy. Their solution is simple, cost-effective and user friendly with a flexible team that delivers. There are many solutions in this sector that requires breaking through the noise to find the right provider. The Hershey Software team have identified and overcome the pitfalls within document management.

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