Gold SPS


With machines and technology situated throughout your building and warehouses, it can be easy for pests to take a liking to your equipment. Whether it’s building nests in your premises, or chewing through cabling; not being able to control the situation with professional knowledge can be detrimental. Your business may endure unnecessary costs when controlling pest situations inappropriately and the animals can be harmed in the process.

Who are Gold SPS

Gold Standard Pest Solutions provide professional pest control services. All situations are met with an empathetic outlook that has the least detrimental effect on the animals and the environment. With over 40 years of experience, Gold SPS offer a fast and cost-effective approach to any pest activity. Their technical expertise allow the Gold SPS trained team to operate reactively and attend any situation with compassion.


We first worked with Gold SPS on a client project; the technology wasn’t working on site and we could not ascertain why. The Gold SPS team suggested checking the cabling; this enabled the problem to be fixed immediately, saving everyone time and money. It takes expert knowledge to know where to look for a solution.

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