If you have hundreds or thousands of employees within your business, keeping track of their scheduled, budgeted and actual hours can be an administrative nightmare. Paper and spreadsheets no longer live up to your requirements and create a trail that risks data breaches and human error. Spending hours inputting information online is no longer necessary when technological solutions exist to save you time and money.

Who are Ezitracker

Ezitracker aim to be your workforce management solution. They support the complete employee lifecycle and day to day operation of the facilities management industry. Ezitracker records your employees’ working hours, their whereabouts and if they leave site correctly. This helps to identify whether your staff are meeting requirements and highlights any discrepancies between scheduled and budgeted hours. You can easily manage attendance and payroll using a Pay As You Go model that saves time and money.

RWFM & Ezitracker

Having worked with several time and attendance providers, there is no better than Ezitracker. The team are making waves in the industry with their desire to integrate all solutions. Driven by a proactive attitude, Ezitracker always strive to provide advanced workforce management solutions innovated by customer needs.

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