Health and hygiene products are a large part of our lives. We use these products every day and buy them every week. While this keeps our personal wellbeing to a high-standard, these products use a large amount of plastic and chemicals that negatively impact our environment. Household products are an easy swap to make when it comes to reducing our unethical consumption. It’s important for us to embrace our responsibility to the environment by consuming products that have a sustainable impact.

Who are Essity

Essity are one of the world’s leading health and hygiene companies. Dedicated to improving the sustainability of the industry, Essity develop, produce and distribute products that have a positive environmental impact. They are committed to providing everyday essentials and necessities that values people and nature. Working globally, Essity operates in over 150 countries to spread their positive message and mission to leading brands.

RWFM & Essity

Sustainability is at the heart of what Essity do. They are a responsible Hygiene and Health company focused on a better society. They even own a forest, how many companies can boast that? Their solutions consider individuals’ wellbeing and are dedicated to achieving their sustainability goals to stand out amongst competitors.

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