Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the main contributors to global warming. Businesses and individuals have a responsibility to reduce their energy consumption where possible. We release carbon emissions with every event and action we take. This enables us to control the amount of energy we consume in the process. Monitoring usage will reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive environmental impact.

Who are E.ON

E.ON are one of the UK’s leading energy providers. With over 4 million customers, E.ON provides integrated, green solutions that benefit both the customer and the environment. They aim to make energy more sustainable and simple with smart technology. E.ON provides all their customers with 100% renewable electricity generated by wind, solar and biomass sources. Using smart meters, customers can manage their energy consumption to save costs and reduce usage.


As RWFM work closely with building management systems for energy management and sustainability, E.ON control solutions was our number one energy provider of choice. The team at E.ON are intelligent and innovative; providing you with the confidence that you’re getting the best energy solution on the market.

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