The IT sector is rapidly changing everyday; with new technologies and skills needed to execute processes correctly and efficiently. This results in a disconnect between companies requiring the latest skills and knowledge, and candidates that do not know what businesses expect from them. Often job descriptions are basic, with candidates arriving to interviews with less than the expected experience due to lack of communication.

Who are BenchIT

BenchIT are IT recruitment specialists providing professional IT services. Working directly with your business, the BenchIT consultants understand the detailed skills and knowledge that you require to fill your latest available positions. Using their extensive industry knowledge, BenchIT connect you with candidates that meet the professional requirements of your business; aligned with the latest skills needed in the IT industry.

RWFM & BenchIT

BenchIT are experts working within specialist IT projects and requirements. The business prioritise the needs of the customer just as much as the functionality of their technology. With over 40 years experience in the industry, the BenchIT team have large BlueChip clients with great referencing ability.

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