How to develop a facilities management strategy

Written by: RWFM

Last updated on: 4 Nov 2019

Facilities management is complicated stuff. There are hundreds of technological systems on the market that do the same thing. With conflicting messages sent to your business everyday, how do you know which solutions are right for you? Here’s how to develop a facilities management strategy so you can maximise your workplace productivity and efficiency.

Assess current environment

Before implementing new systems in your building, you should conduct an analysis of your current environment. Take a look at your technological systems; do you have a building management system (BMS)? What about an access control system? Or CCTV throughout your workspace? Extracting data from these systems helps you understand whether they are working effectively for how your business operates. From this, you can form the direction in which your new systems must go to maximise workplace performance. If you cowork, it’s beneficial to know the pound per square foot you’re paying to occupy your space. From this, you know whether it is the most cost-effective method for your growing business. This determines whether you’re getting value for money when added to the cost of new systems.


Establish future goals

While maximising workplace efficiency is your ultimate goal, you should establish relevant objectives that your business wants to achieve. For example, to increase employee retention, encourage workplace sustainability or improve employee satisfaction. Through analysis, you can identify challenges that emerge from the data and use these to develop more targets. For example, if you can’t efficiently track the amount of visitors that enter your building daily, it is time to implement a secure visitor management system to reach this goal.

Identify new facilities

Once your goals have been established, the technologies needed to achieve them become apparent. Integration is key here. Ensuring the technology, people and processes throughout your building work in synergy. For example, you can become more sustainable through systems that reduce your carbon footprint and energy ratings. Considering the amount of heat lost through office configuration, windows, lighting and people; implementing a BMS ensures your energy renewal, metering and monitoring is constant.

How we can help

RWFM exists to make your life easier by sharing our expertise across all sectors of facilities management. Working in partnership with your business, we’ll assess your current environment, challenges and goals. Through ongoing consultation with your team, we research your workplace to gather data that produces deep insights into your technology, people and processes. From this, we devise integrated solutions that maximise your workplace efficiency.

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