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Having the confidence that your business is employing individuals legally allowed to work in the UK is vital. While the desire to work for your company is a deciding factor when hiring the right employees, you should first know if your candidates have the right to work in the country. Checking the legality of paperwork is a time consuming process as fake documentation has become so advanced. With risk of £20,000 fines and imprisonment for businesses with illegal workers under their employment, checking documents has never been more important.

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With Brexit approaching, it is likely that thousands of workers will be entering the facilities management industry while they can. While the majority of these individuals will have the legal right to work in the UK; a minority will not be authorised. Without the proper checking software in place, it is incredibly difficult to determine what is genuine documentation and what has been faked.

We’ve partnered with uComply, the specialist solution provider for immigration compliance checks, to ensure you get the most secure technology that ensures your legal safety and peace of mind. uComply authenticates documentation in minutes by the standards of the Home Office. Hiring managers can easily scan passports, visas, ID cards, driving licenses and other identity documents to determine whether the individual has genuine paperwork and legal right to work in the UK.

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Using the mobile or desktop versions, you can scan or photograph the individual’s documentation which saves all data on the server or cloud. Using data and chips with UV and infrared readings, the software determines whether documents are real through technological comparisons.

Birkin Cleaning Services of Welwyn Garden City have been using uComply for under a year. Birkin CEO Paul Ashton said: “We looked at several systems and chose uComply because it offered the widest range of checks, the price is keen and its training is superb. If a candidate does not have genuine documents it won’t continue the process. It’s easy to use, non-aggressive, does what it promises and our staff love it for its simplicity.”

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