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Whether you’re in manufacturing, engineering or retail, you’re likely to have hundreds of keys under your responsibility. With team members coming and going throughout the day, it’s easy to lose track of your keys’ whereabouts. If just one key goes missing, it can cost your business thousands of pounds if any equipment is unsecured or locks have to be changed. It’s so important to manage this risk to avoid unnecessary costs to your business.

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Instant key-tracking solution

Keyzapp provides an instant key-tracking solution that saves you time and money. Going completely paperless, you will take back hours of administrative hassle and stay on top of your key-management. You will also save costs on paper and reduce your environmental impact.

Using smart fob technology, you can easily see the location of all keys at one time. The automated reminders ensure your team members know when it’s time to return the key in their possession. You are alerted when process isn’t followed and can take instant action.

Control and peace of mind

Idlewells shopping centre has 40 retail units and keeps track of over 150 keys used by security guards, cleaners, contractors and agency teams. After being quoted over £12,000 for a biometric system, Keyzapp provided a better solution for a small fraction of the cost.

Ian Pratt, Centre Operations Manager, said: “With Keyzapp, there’s no more searching for missing keys. If a key isn’t returned as expected, we know exactly who to call. It has really closed a security hole for us, which is good for everyone. That peace of mind definitely filters down for management and staff alike.”

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