Case Studies

Working with our partners, we have delivered bespoke solutions for clients that fulfil business needs and deliver results. Assessing your business’ requirements, we have solved critical challenges through knowledge and expertise. We have created project case studies to give you an overview of our solutions in practice.

Instant key-tracking with Keyzapp

Whether you’re in manufacturing, engineering or retail, you’re likely to have hundreds of keys under your responsibility. With team members coming and going throughout the day, it’s easy to lose track of your keys’ whereabouts...

Workforce management with Ezitracker

Having trails of paperwork from attendance sheets and payroll is a huge administration burden. Spending hours inputting information online is time consuming and no longer necessary when technological solutions exist to save you time and money.

Right to Work with uComply

Having the confidence that your business is employing individuals legally allowed to work in the UK is vital. While the desire to work for your company is a deciding factor when hiring...

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