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RWFM is a facilities management consultancy that specialises in solving operational and business critical challenges through smart, disruptive FM technologies.


5 rising trends in big data and analytics to watch in 2020

We’ve seen the rise of proptech trends like IoT, big data, analytics, AI and blockchain throughout 2019. Going into the new year, these trends are g...

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Right now there is a huge ecosystem when it comes to facilities management technologies and building connectivity in this smart era. The likelihood is that your company will have inefficiencies and gaps in your own ecosystem that need addressing. RWFM listen carefully to your business requirements…

Safeguarding & Technology in and around the classroom can be so much more and so much better than the stereotypical mobile phone going off in the middle of class.

The recruitment industry has never been shy about embracing innovation: the internet arrived, and online job boards followed soon after…

RWFM delivers bespoke, cost-effective and sustainable solutions by using our four main pillars of success:

Our Solutions

RWFM adapts to the needs of your business using a skilled team of Technology Advisors with over 30 years experience in Facilities Management. RWFM’s multi-faceted consultants and partners are able to instruct across the full range of disruptive technology solutions; providing a full end to end service…

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Improving efficiency and customer service with front desk image scanner

Working in customer service requires your full attention and exceptional attention to detail to ensure your customers are satisfied. Especially in hos...

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